KÖLNER LISTE – the discovery fair for contemporary art

April 15th to 17th, 2016 | Opening: April 14th | Carlswerk Köln | Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln

KÖLNER LISTE is an art fair for emerging artists and positions that (still) are located in the moderate price segment.

For the third time the offshoot of the BERLINER LISTE came into the Rhineland. The KÖLNER LISTE took place parallel to Art Cologne. A shuttle service between the two fairs was arranged.

We presented young, fresh art without speculation surcharge in the exciting industrial atmosphere of Carlswerk Cologne, in the Community from the Cologne Theatre, publishing, advertising, communications and creative agencies. The fair has grown every year. By changing into Carlswerk another development step is possible.

More than 7,000 visitors saw the fair this year, to whom 84 international exhibitors presented their programs on an exhibition area of over 3,000 square meters.

The KÖLNER LISTE brought a new and attractive art segment to Cologne and the surrounding area, inspiring art buyers, art lovers and collectors to make new explorations and discover new favourite pieces. At KÖLNER LISTE one could find contemporary art in a moderate price range between 500 € and 7,500 €. We attracted especially young and young at heart people interested in art.

The exhibition consisted of three parts: In the Gallery Section international galleries presented their program, the Photography Section showed the variety of analog and digital photographic art and in the Artist Section individual artists presented themselves to the audience. The spectrum of art shown ranged from contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and graphics to installation, video art and performance.

Curators of the KÖLNER LISTE were Dr. Peter Funken, Stefan Maria Rother and Guillaume Trotin who supported the fair with their expertise and ensured a careful selection of exhibitors.

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    Der Kölner Kunstfrühling hat ein neues Must-See.
    Kulturletter Köln, April 2015
    Neben der Möglichkeit spannender Entdeckungen punktet die Messe mit einem hochmotivierten und stets gut gelaunten Team, das jedem gerne weiterhilft.
    Kunnst, August 2015
    Im Mülheimer DOCK.ONE steigt parallel zur Art Cologne (Bild berichtete) die viel aufregendere Parallel-Messe Kölner Liste.
    BILD Köln, 17.4.2015
    Freude am Werk als beste Dividende: Die Entdeckermesse „Kölner Liste“ versteht sich als Ergänzung zur Art Cologne.
    Kölnische Rundschau, 16.4.2015
    We are more than satisfied with the fair, the very good visitor demographics and pleasant atmosphere. We sold five pieces by our emerging artist Constantin Schröder totalling 40,000 euro.
    Gallery owner Dennis Reinhard, Galerie CC&A aus Hamburg, 2014 exhibitor
    A visit to this fair of art exploration will certainly lend to new perspectives and insights.
    Stadtrevue | April 2014
    We are more than satisfied after taking the chance of appearing at a new art exhibition. Thanks to the fair we have sold two large works and got to know new, young collectors.
    Gallery owner Peter Klose, Essen
    Following the Berliner Liste tradition, the Kölner format positions itself as a small, perfectly formed forum for fresh, contemporary art with high collectors‘ potential.
    Stadtzauber | March/April 2014
    There was unbelievable interest in the work of my emerging Romanian artists. Works by Ștefan Radu Crețu and Cristian Raduta have gone tot he hands of serious collectors. We were so impressed by the building, lighting and atmosphere at the KÖLNER LISTE and hope the fair will grow next year.
    Gallery owner Dr. Joana Evers, 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest, 2014 exhibitor
    The Kölner Liste is a great opportunity to meet young, fresh artists. From the years of experience in Berlin, it’s a show with much know-how and an exciting location to match.
    kunnst, March/April 2014
    Anyone with a weakness for contemporary art or wanting to extend their collection with interesting new work should drop in to the Kölner Liste.
    Zeitkunst | March 2014
    The fair was amazing. We sold four great pieces. All of them by young collectors, so that we can be sure, that they are embedded in good and rising collections.
    Niki Feijen, Galerie Rembrandt Art, Eindhoven, Aussteller 2014
    The exhibition mood was fantastic. The relaxed atmosphere was very therapeutic for a fair marathon, and the sales paid off. Even on what is usually a difficult Thursday, made good sales.
    Gallery owner Bernhard Ailinger, Kunstraum Ailinger, Potsdam, 2014 exhibitor