WEHE-DEN HOORN, The Netherlands

Paul La Poutré, Passion, 2017, acryl/Edelstahl, 100x150 cm


The gallery ART & LEF ( Liberté Egalité Fraternité) in Groningen, the Netherlands, offers absolute original abstract polychrome artwork. From 3-D minimal Art of Erwin Stienstra, through wicker work of rubber by Ivar Blom till abstract lines and two dimensional figures from Petra Röss Nickel. Besides that the gallery shows for example the expressionistic magical skylines of American city’s by Ekaterina Ermilkina, work full of strength, beauty and movement by Paul La Poutré and mixtures of abstract and expressionistic impressions of nature and/or people within by Olja Maier and Julius.
ART & LEF was founded in 2014 and represents meanwhile 16 different artists. ART & LEF represents as well national and international artists from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the US. The last accessions are the original sculptural visions of the German sculptor Nando Kallweit.
ART & LEF exhibitions at several other galleries in the Netherlands and in department stores of Selfridges, De Bijenkorf. For Germany gallery ART & LEF exhibitions and sells pieces of their art in Krefeld at the Leolux Design center since almost three years now. Especially polychrome artwork sells here best up till now.


  • Erwin Stienstra
  • Ekaterina Ermilkina
  • Nando Kallweit
  • Olja Maier
  • Julius
  • Paul La Poutré

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