Colony Art Gallery

Bucharest, Romania

Mihai Topescu, Where are those who are not here anymore, 2014, bronze, mirror, L: 63 cm, I: 53 cm, H: 32 cm


Colony Art Gallery is a young gallery based in Bucharest, established in 2013. Its curatorial objectives include a recovery mission, which consists in bringing to public attention – through exhibitions, elaborate studies and monographs – contemporary artists of all age, already famous or less known, from any cultural arena, with no limits to the visual arts, or to the Romanian geographical origins. Since 2013 till now 18 exhibitions were completed and 10 more are programed to take place this year.
Colony Art Gallery aims to be active on the international stage, to increase the visibility and accessibility of Romanian contemporary art on the international art markets.


  • Mihai Țopescu
  • Ile Ștefi
  • Ilie Boca

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Phone: 0040 763814762