Galleria Contempo

Helsinki, Finland

Einari Hyvönen, "Summer Reset 1", 2016, Mixed media (paper, ink and acrylic on canvas), 110x144 cm


Galleria Contempo was founded in the year 2008 and it is located in the city center of Helsinki. The gallery is focused on contemporary art and talented, mainly young artists. The yearly number of exhibitions is 8-10. We have been curated to participate in several international art fairs, in Paris and severeal times in Stockholm and Helsinki.


  • Kia Taegen
  • Axel Taegen
  • Riccardo Perrona
  • Iida Sarpaniemi
  • Elnari Hyvönen
  • Netta Tiitinen
  • Johanna Lumme

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Phone: 0035 8400361080