MSK Eastside Gallery

Moscow, Russia

Ja'bagh Kaghado, Tranquil, 2015, Mixed Media, 129.5 x 94


A contemporary art gallery based in Moscow’s central east-side district of Baumanskaya active in both the primary and secondary markets. The establishment embodies its own “Eastside” title and attitude.
Since its establishment MSK Eastside Gallery has identified and cultivated the careers of visionary Moscow based artists. The gallery has built a reputation for supporting and discovering artists working across disciplines from painting to graffiti writing with a challenging form of creative expression. Working closely with intellectuals in the field, MSK Eastside is committed to presenting its artists’ works on an international scale. Gallerist Wildrik Batjes and the MSK Eastside Gallery team have been a major force in serving as a unique platform to exhibit and expose their works that possess an extraordinary vision. The Gallery first opened in Moscow’s Eastside district of Baumanskaya early 2012, in January 2016 a second gallery space has opened in Moscow central’s new cultural hub of Bolshaya Nikitskaya.
MSK has also curated and produce multiple exhibitions for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow Museum and Center for Contemporary Art. The gallery owns a major collection of graffiti and post-graffiti art, platinum and palladium photography, mixed media, paintings and installations.The gallery is active with auction houses such as Phillips NYC, Christie’s Paris and ArtCurial Paris.

MSK Eastside Gallery also hosts events, seminars and special projects that cater to other creative industries which compliment our philosophy and vision of collaboration across the arts.


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Phone: 007 4993933412